Agriculture Products  

Water is among the most in short supply and hence precious of resources (that is widely predicted to be the cause for next world war). In addition, the rapidly increasing poulation (particularly in the Indo-China region), propelled by incresing affluence, means increasing demand for more food material, resulting in increased cost. All of which make agriculture productivity among the most critical issues of survival for the globe. Further, the crops are not just for normal living, but are further categorized as Commercial, Horticulture, floriculture, to name some. Increasingly vociferous demand for support to agriculture has become a norm.

Thus these demands for increasing productivity, optimizing subsidy spend, call for dedicated solutions for agriculture.

Indrion has developed crucial technologies that will help deliver a high performing, optimal irrigiation and productivity enhancing solution to the (global) farming community. Some of these are listed below

A) Wireless Soil Profile Sensing(KRUSHI Indriya):
Powered with Indrion ís low power sampling and routing algorithms make data communication best optimized in terms of reliability and energy efficiency, leading to long battery life of every module

B) GSM Gateway:
Gateway takes data from sensor modules and provides interface to external world via GSM network. Weather monitoring and surveillance modules can be easily integrated with the gateway. Gateway is based on voice and SMS based processing for multiple languages. It also runs Indrionís proprietary algorithm for optimization of water usage for irrigation system depending upon crop, soil and weather conditions.

C) Weather Monitoring Modules:
Weather monitoring modules can be integrated with Gateway or deployed separately will enable in monitoring remotely weather condition in the agriculture field.

D) Wireless Valve Control Modules(KRUSHI Kriya):
Wireless Valve control modules help in coming up with precision in flow of water from outlet valves.

E) Wireless Motor/Pump Control Modules:
Pump/Motor control modules allows remote(anywhere) control(Switch On/OFF) of pumps and motors.

F) Surveillance Modules:
This is an add-on module for Gateway which enables gateway to provide remote surveillance of the agriculture field.