IndriyaTM is a hardware development environment for building ambient intelligence based sensor network applications.

  • Simple, pervasive & low power 8-bit microcontroller core with IEEE802.3 Ethernet LAN interface

  • 0.5 0C accurate low power digital (I2C) on-board temperature sensor

  • Miniaturized human eye response based digital (I2C) ambient light sensor

  • Small, low-power on-board 3-axis 3g accelerometer

  • (Optional) add-on sensor interface boards for range of sensor network applications

  • Multiple timer/counter, PWM channel

  • Data acquisition, configuring, debugging, on-chip serial port access from PC and many more simply via on-board USB interface

  • 2 x AA battery option available for standalone operation

  • Data rate supported ranges upto 10Mbps

  • One of the few sensor network platforms that can support embedded operating system TinyOS

  • Ease of integration to facilities with existing Ethernet LAN infrastructure via supported TCP/IPv4 stack & associated configurable APIs


Target Applications
  • Indoor building automation

  • Ambient condition monitoring

  • Remote security

  • Surveillance

  • Academic research