DwaraTM is Indrion gateway platform for converging all or any low range personal area networks (PAN) to wide area networks (WAN) leading to ambient intelligence based wireless sensor network applications/controls outdoor.

  • Traffic convergence from IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee to GSM/GPRS mobile network & vice versa

  • Data acquisition, configuring, debugging, on-chip serial port access from PC and many more simply via on-board USB interface

  • Support for embedded Free RTOS

  • Supports 6LoWPAN stack

  • Supports serial AT-command based GSM/GPRS configuration

  • Tool chain supported are ARMGCC

  • On-board TFT display available

  • Ability to work as router in mapping Sensor Network to WAN

  • Ability to administer activity of wireless personal area networks

  • Ability to indigenously manage localized sensor & actuator networks


Target Applications
As gateways in
  • community water management systems

  • weather based irrigation systems

  • structural health monitoring

  • remote surveillance systems

  • Smart homes & offices